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Ancestors of Gary Peck

Paul Peck (1608-1695) was born in Essex, England and came to Connecticut before 1638. His name is on the Founder's Monument in Hartford, Connecticut.

Abijah Peck (1747-1823) was born in Berlin, Connecticut. He served in the Revolutionary War at Bunker Hill. From his service, he received a land grant in Cayuga, New York where he raised his family and where he is buried. Gary and Jocelyn Peck were privledged to locate his grave.

Hannah Mattison Parsons Peck Page Riggs Hendricks (1797-1861) was first married to Warren Peck. She was an early member of the Mormon Church and she traveled to Utah with the other pioneers. She is buried in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Thorit Peck (1826-1858) served in the Mormon Battalion, marching from Illinois to San Diego, California. He went on to Utah where he married, served in Pleasant Grove as Sherriff and died of a "billious fever" at the young age of 32.

Max Peck (1920-1987) served in World War II in the campaigns on Roi-Namur, Saipan, Tinian and Iwo Jima. He was blessed to live through the dangers of these battles. After the war, he returned to Utah to raise a great family.